Release Notes

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CASB Neural: LLM-Powered DLP

April 30, 2024 Your SWG does even more now with CASB Neural. Instantly crawl your OneDrive or Google Drive and extract and classify sensitive public-facing files with no pre-configurations required. Read more at CASB Neural

Blocking Personal Microsoft 365 & Gmail Uploads

March 5, 2024 CAC Read Only — Allow customizations over CAC access and uploads. Get detailed policy control such as allowing personal access to Microsoft 365 and Google, but blocking from uploading files to an employee’s personal accounts. Read more at

New Categories Added

November 21, 2023 6 new categories have been added to the DOPE Categories.

CategoryDefinitionUse Case

AI/ML Applications

Sites with generative apps that take user input

Warn users to not enter company private info

Alternative Currency (Parent Category: Business)

Sites related to cryptocurrency, game tokens or other exchangeable digital goods that are not government issued legal tender

Warn users, or log access for investigations, many small currency exchange sites are difficult to verify legitimacy

Dynamic DNS (Parent Category: IT)

Services that offer unique hosts on previously registered domains for personal use, and may regularly change IPs

Useful for investigations, since Dynamic DNS are often home users running services

Login/Challenge (Parent Category: IT)

Sites that have a homepage that is a generic login page or challenge (e.g. CAPTCHA), with no indication of what’s behind

Instead of these returning unrated, can provide what information we know

Newly Registered

Domains registered in last 30 days

Warn or block access to new unknown sites, or log for investigations

Promotional Compensation (Parent Category: Security)

Sites that promise a potential reward for user input or activity

Warn or block access to sites that gather PII for marketing

Public APIs

November 1, 2023 API feature launched to allow you the ability to create, modify policy and retrieve dope.endpoint status via public API, rather than solely through the dope.console. For documentation, see: Public API Specification

Extended Shadow IT

September 1, 2023 Major upgrades to Shadow IT, including precise email detection with corporate vs personal differentiation and workspace IDs across AWS and Slack. Read more at

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