Release Notes

The dope.endpoint automatically updates when next online.

Fixed Issues List - V 1.0.7629

New Feature - Push notification for instant policy updates
Enable/Disable Debug option on the endpoint UI
Enhanced logging for SSL errors
Resolved issues for Large file download issues on Mac
Removed support for macOS 11

Fixed Issues List - V 1.0.7039

Product Stability Fixes on Mac
Endpoint going into "Fallback" Issue on Mac
Rarely seen BSOD on Windows
Blank OIDC screen on Windows

Fixed Issues List - V 1.0.6591

Product Stability Improvements

Fixed Issues List - V 1.0.6538

Captive Portal and Product Stability Improvements
Mac Universal Installer

Fixed Issues List - V 1.0.6456

Product Stability Improvements

Fixed Issues List - V 1.0.6203

Web Socket Improvements
Mac Printing Issue

Fixed Issues List - V 1.0.5636

Proxy enhancements

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