Endpoint Manager View

The Endpoint Manager View lets you see all of the dope.swg endpoints installed across your organization, allowing you to keep track of your users at a glance.

All of your organization’s users who have successfully installed dope.swg are listed on the Endpoint Manager View.
Endpoint Manager View

The Endpoint Manager View

The Endpoint Manager View lets you see:
  • Device Name: The name of the device running the dope.swg endpoint.
  • Status: The current status of the dope endpoint. The endpoint will display the endpoint as healthy, error, disabled, or dormant.
    • Healthy: The dope.swg endpoint is working, with no errors.
    • Error: The dope.swg endpoint has an error and is not working.
    • Disabled: The dope.swg endpoint has been put into disabled mode by the admin
    • Dormant: The dope.swg endpoint has not sent a health check for more than seven days.
  • User: This shows the email address of the user currently logged in to the device. Where users and groups have not been imported this will be the logged-in user.
  • Policy Assigned to User: This shows the dope.swg policy you are currently assigning to the selected user and which is being applied on the endpoint.
  • Last Seen: The last time the dope.swg endpoint sent a health check to the
  • Endpoint Version: The version of dope.swg currently installed on the selected device.
  • Debug Mode: If the dope.swg endpoint is currently running in debug mode, it will be indicated by the icon in the status column.
  • Location: The current location of the device.
You can sort the endpoint table by “Last Seen” Time

Endpoint Count

When the Endpoint Manager View initially opens there’s a count of all of your organization's endpoints and their current states.
  • Total MacOS Endpoints: Total number of endpoints running on macOS
  • Total Windows Endpoints: Total number of endpoints running on Windows
  • Total in Error: Total number of endpoints in an Error state. Select individual Endpoints to see the type of error.
  • Total Disabled: Total number of endpoints that have been manually disabled.
  • Total Uninstalled: Total Endpoints that have been uninstalled.
  • Fallback Mode: Total endpoints in Fallback Recovered state.
  • Connected for Updates: Total Endpoints that are connected and able to receive updates.
Active Endpoints = Healthy + Error + Disabled + Dormant

Individual Device

If you select an individual device, the Endpoint Manager View will show you additional information, alongside the device name and last seen time.
  • Processor Type: The selected device’s processor type.
  • OS Version: The operating system that the selected device is running.
  • Status: Where the endpoint is in error you can see the type of error:
    • DopeRedirector is not running.
    • DopeRedirector is running but bypassing all traffic.
    • Agent is running but inactive.
    • Agent is in an Error state.
    • Agent is not running.
    • Fallback Recovered. This indicates that the dope.endpoint has been in Fallback mode at least once in the last 24 hours but has recovered.