DLP Files Table

While the CASB DLP Data Graph gives a high-level overview of the scan results, the table retrieves specific details of each publicly shared file.

Unlike any other CASB product, this table extracts the exact details on why a file was classified as possible risk and provides the Dopamine Hit (LLM-Generated DLP) which summarizes the contents of the file.

This makes it easy for you to make a decision on next steps.




The name of the file from your tenant


The classification type assigned to the file. This can be one or more of the following:

  • IP (Intellectual Property)

  • PHI (Public Health Information)

  • PCI (Payment Card Industry)

  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

  • Other Public Files (Public files with no sensitive information)


Indicates if the admin has marked a file as reviewed or not


A review comment can be added to each file, coming soon

Created By

The email address of the user who created the file

Created On

The time or date the file was created

File Classification Details


The right hand panel provides the details on why the file given its classification type.

Where a file has been detected to have either IP, PHI, PCI, or PII, the information from the file that resulted in this classification is listed, color coded based on classification type.


Unlike any other CASB product on the market, dope.security provides a Dopamine summary of the document that has been classified. This is only possible because of the AI technology that we are using to provide classification. This Dopamine summary allows admins to get an understanding of what type of documents have been exposed publicly.

Who has access to the file

The right hand panel is also where you can go to see who has access to the file. This will list everyone showing that the file is publicly accessible to anyone with the link. But it also lists any users who have been granted access.

Search, Filtering, and Sorting

At the top of the table, you will find a search bar that can search within File Name or User Name.


Filter the table by classification type by selecting the filter menu in Type column.

Coming Soon: The dope.security team is working hard to enable the following features:

  • Single Click Unshare File Remediation

  • Mark files as Reviewed

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