API Client Credentials

The dope.swg offers Public APIs to allow our customers automate specific tasks.

For more information on the Public APIs we have available and how to use them please see Public API Specification

Generating Client Credentials

In order to be able to access the dope.SWG APIs a client credential token will need to be generated. When using the APIs this token is exchanged to get an access token. This access token can then be used to access the dope.SWG APIs.

You will then be prompted to provide a name for the token in the right hand panel.

Once you have provided a name for the Token it will get added to the table. Here you will see the following information, Token Name, Client ID, Created By and Created On.

You will also see the Token Secret. This must be copied immediately as for security reasons it will not be shown again.

You can select the Copy icon or the string of text to copy the secret.

If required, it is possible to create multiple tokens following the same process.

Revoking Client Credentials

Revoke a single credential

To revoke a single credential select the ellipsis at the right hand side of the credentials table, and then select Revoke.

After selecting Revoke you will need to confirm the action when presented with the following dialog.

Revoke all credentials

Then, confirm you want to revoke all credentials when presented with the following dialog.

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