Application Bypass List

The Application Bypass List is a list of apps that the dope.swg will not apply policy to. These are normally applications that break when proxied. To do this, you just need to tell dope.swg which ones you want to allow.

Default Application Bypass List

At we always put customer experience first. That’s why we have created a list of applications that we know will break when proxied. The applications in our default bypass list will automatically be bypassed in all of your policies. You can review the list by selecting the default tab in the Application Bypass section.

If there is any application in the list that you do not want to include in the bypass list then select the dropdown from the traffic column and select “Do Not Bypass.”

Add a URL to the Custom Bypass List

There maybe other URLs that you discover that you want to bypass. These can be added to your own custom bypass list.

The final step to complete the addition of the application is to save the policy.

If you enter .exe or .msi as an extension the console will automatically assign this to be a windows process. All other processes will be assigned to macOS.

By adding an application name to the list it will bypass all applications with this name. You can add the path to a specific application that you want to bypass e.g. usr/bin/example_app.

Each policy can have its own list of allowed applications. The Base Policy bypass list is the default for any other policy created but dope.swg lets you change this and add acceptable apps to suit your requirements.

You cannot use wild cards on the Application Bypass List.

You can see in the policy view which apps are macOS and which are windows.

Delete Application

You can delete any application from this list whenever you want. Simply select the application you want to delete and from the right hand panel select the Delete option.

After you have deleted the application the policy will need to be saved.

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