dope.endpoint UI

The icon means peace of mind that your organization is being protected with the world’s best internet security. When you see the DS icon, you know you’re flying first class.

Using dope.swg at your endpoints

When you’ve successfully installed a dope.swg endpoint, the DS icon will become visible.

On systems operating Windows, it will be visible in the Windows System Tray. On systems operating macOS, it will be on the macOS Menubar.

This allows your users to see that the software is running on their endpoint.

On windows: left click on the icon to access the UI.

On macOS: basic click on the icon to access the UI.

When you click on the DS icon, your user can see basic information:

  • Date/time of last policy update

  • OpenID Connect email

  • About

The latest policy time should be the last updated from the Domain Controller, this is a field in the config.json.

There is more detailed information that’s available (see: Windows UI and macOS UI).

UI diagnostics

The UI provides your users with the ability to run a diagnostic check and retrieve diagnostic logs from dope.endpoint. This information can be helpful if your user’s endpoint can’t connect to your organization’s admin or dope.console.

See Running Diagnostics for more information.

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