Policy Assignment

When a new user is imported into dope.swg, they are automatically assigned to the Base Policy. If they are assigned to a policy based on a group, this will override the Base Policy.

On the creation of a new policy it is possible to assign users to a policy by either User Name or Group.

To do this, in the Policy select the Users tab on the lefthand side.

In the text box, enter in a user or group from your imported users and groups. Once you start typing, the console will provide suggested users and groups.

Once you have assigned the user or group, then the policy will need to be saved.

It is also possible to delete an assignment. Simply select the user or group whose assignment you want to delete and from the righthand panel select the Delete option.

After you have deleted the assignment, save the policy.

Some Simple Rules

You cannot add the same user or group to multiple policies.

In the case of multiple policies, where a user has been assigned to more than one policy, then the user shall default to the Base Policy.

If an individual user has been assigned to a policy and that user is already in a group assigned to another policy, the individual policy will take precedence over the group policy.

Any update to the user and group data will be reflected in the policy assignment view.

If a user is not assigned to a policy they will default to the Base Policy

You can use the policy tester to check the policy that a user or group is assigned to.

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