Cloud Application Control (CAC)

Traveling first class is all about putting your needs first, right? dope.swg lets you keep control of all of your users’ cloud apps to ensure your organization enjoys the safest possible internet experience.

dope.swg lets you control your users’ access to the following cloud applications:

  • O365

  • Google

  • Dropbox

  • Slack

  • Box

  • Salesforce

  • WebEx

With dope.swg Cloud Application Control (CAC), if any of your users try to access cloud apps accounts that have not been allowed, dope.swg will block access. Any policy created will inherit the dope.swg Base Policy on CAC.

If you want to add domains your users can use to access selected cloud apps, that’s no problem either.

The CAC policy supersedes the restriction level set at category level, e.g. if you have blocked “File Storage” at the subcategory level but have enabled Dropbox or Box control in cloud application control, the selected user will be allowed access to both.

Configuring cloud apps is simple and works pretty much the same way for Office 365 and Google. Configuring WebEx, Box, Dropbox, Slack, and Salesforce varies slightly, but it is just as easy.

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