Billing Details

Purchasing the Product

When a customer is trialing dope.swg but wants to purchase the product then all the required details to complete the purchase are available in Settings -> Billing.

Purchase Directly

Where a customer wishes to purchase the product directly from, they need to contact us directly by emailing

For more details see our website.

Purchase through a partner

Where a customer wishes to purchase the product through a partner, then they need to provide the partner with their Tenant ID.

There is also a link to a list of Preferred Partners (Coming Soon).

Subscription Details

Customer subscription details can also be viewed from the billing page. These details include:

  • Subscription Type i.e. Trial/Paid/NFR

  • Number of Purchased Devices

  • Number of Active Devices

  • Renewal Date

  • Number of Days Remaining

Number of purchased and active devices will not be displayed for Trial Customers

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