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Billing Details

Purchasing the Product

When a customer is trialing dope.swg but wants to purchase the product then all the required details to complete the purchase are available in Settings -> Billing.

Purchase Directly

Where a customer wishes to purchase the product directly from, they need to contact us directly by emailing [email protected].
For more details see our website.

Purchase through a partner

Where a customer wishes to purchase the product through a partner, then they need to provide the partner with their Tenant ID.
The Tenant ID is provided in the Billing Page, it can be copied by selecting the copy icon next to the ID
There is also a link to a list of Preferred Partners (Coming Soon).

Subscription Details

Customer subscription details can also be viewed from the billing page. These details include:
  • Subscription Type i.e. Trial/Paid/NFR
  • Number of Purchased Devices
  • Number of Active Devices
  • Renewal Date
  • Number of Days Remaining
Number of purchased and active devices will not be displayed for Trial Customers