Creating Custom Categories

dope.swg has a list of groups detailing more than 80 web categories to keep your organization safe on the internet. It’s first class all the way. But it's easy to create your own categories.

If want to create your own categories for specific domains and/or URLs in your organization, dope.swg has you covered.

If you add a custom category, it will take precedent over existing Base Categories

To create a custom category simply start typing the name in the text field provided then hit enter. Then add any exceptions or URL filtering which will be covered by your new custom category.

To delete a URL that has been added to the list then hover over the far right of the field and select the trash can icon.

”Wild cards” (*) can be used. Using wild cards lets you increase the number of domains impacted by a restriction level. For example,, would mean would not be included in your category, but using a wild card like * would mean Google Drive and Google calendar would also be impacted by the custom category restriction level.

Select a restriction level for the custom category ⁠— “Allow,” “Block,” “Warning,” or “Ignore.”

Ignore is required for custom categories as you may want to ignore it for certain policies within your organization.

Lastly, add your exceptions.

Importing Custom Categories

Once a new custom category is created you can import URLs that were previously created into the list from a CSV or text file.

Once a custom category is created the URLs can be import by simply dragging and dropping the file into the area in the right hand panel.

File Format

The text file must have one url on each line. A CSV file must have one column with each row having one url.

Editing your domains/URLs

To edit the domain/URL that was previously entered simply click on the text field and it will be possible to make any edits required.

The list of URLs in the custom category is sorted alphabetically.

When you add a custom category in the base policy, that new category will be assigned across your organization. Save your new custom category.

Once the custom category is saved, it will be displayed within the custom category section of the dope.swg policy.

When a custom category is added to any policy it will be shared globally across all policies. The new custom category is added to the other policies with a restriction level of “Ignore.”

Deleting a Custom Category

Finally, you need to save the deletion by selecting the save button in the bottom right panel of the console.

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