Endpoint Count

You want your organization’s internet security to be kept up to date — that’s what first class is all about. dope.swg keeps the Endpoint Manager View updated so you are kept informed across your organization.

Dormant endpoints

A dope.swg endpoint that has not sent a health check for more than 7 days is considered to be “dormant.”

A dope.swg endpoint in a dormant state for 28 days will be deleted from the Endpoint Manager View. It will no longer be counted as an active device in your organization.

Uninstalled endpoints

If a dope.swg endpoint is uninstalled from a device, the endpoint sends an uninstalled health check to the dope.security cloud. On receipt of this health check, the endpoint is deleted from the Endpoint Manager View. It is also no longer considered an active device in your organization and is removed from your active device count.

For deletions of a dormant or uninstalled device, an event is added to the Audit Log where it can be viewed for 30 days. See Audit Log for more information.

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