Import User and Group Data

While dope.swg can be used without importing user and group data, admins must import user and group data to fully utilize the product.


Endpoint Auth & User Import

First, enable endpoint authentication. This forces users to authenticate with their corporate emails and automatically have the correct web security policy applied. By using an integration with Microsoft 365 and Google, it’s a click without any SAML configuration.

In other words, if you're using Okta, Ping, or another 3rd-party IDP, you'll automatically redirect to that IDP.

Now, use the link provided to authorize access to the users and groups.

Only Google/Microsoft 365 admins can authorize users and group imports. This link can be copied and sent to them. Google import requires special authorization detailed here.

Once the admin has authenticated with either Google or Microsoft 365, the console will import your users and groups. Any updates to groups or new users in either Google or Microsoft 365 are synced and reflected in the dope.swg console.

Without importing users and groups into the console, functionality will be limited:

  • No Custom Policies

  • No Policy Exceptions

  • Limited Analytics Functionality

Acceptable Domains

If your company uses multiple domain names, enter the different domain names that may be used by users.

Logins from other domains will be blocked.

Add comma-separated domain names, e.g. for, just put in “”.

Once you’ve completed adding domains, select ‘Save’ on the bottom right panel to save your changes.

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