To gain the full experience, there are two easy-to-perform steps:

  1. Enable Endpoint Authentication: This forces users to authenticate with their corporate emails and automatically have the correct web security policy applied

  2. User & Group Import: This allows the dope.console to compute analytics and allow for custom policies

See Import User and Group Data for a more detailed breakdown.

The Google & Microsoft 365 admin must authorize access to the users and groups for full functionality. Once an admin has successfully authenticated with either Google or Microsoft the console will import your users and groups. Special steps are required on Google (See Importing from Google).

Any user & group updates are automatically synchronized in the dope.swg console. i.e. anyone who joins, leaves, or changes groups automatically update in dope.swg.

Without importing users and groups into the console, the following functionality will not be available:

  • Custom Policies

  • Policy Exceptions

  • Shadow IT & Productivity Analytics

Permissions required for Microsoft

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