Custom Policy

The world’s a small place, but it’s got a lot of rules. When you’re flying first class, you want friction-free travel as you traverse the globe.

You may need to create multiple policies to deal with your organization’s needs ⁠— different geographical locations may require specific customizations for your organization’s needs in that location. Or you may need to create special requirements for some of your user groups. dope.swg has thought of that.

To create a custom policy, you need to have previously imported all users and group data.

To create your first new policy, click on the “Create a New Policy” button on the right-side panel. Name your policy and click on the arrow..

A policy name can be up to 32 characters long and must be unique.

Editing Your Custom Policy

Editing your new custom policy is the same as editing the base policy. Editing the Base Policy

Policy Testing

Before a policy can be tested it must be assigned to a user or group. Policy Assignment

All Policies View

To view all Policies, select “Policies” in the navigation and it will bring you to the policy table view.

Deleting a Custom Policy

It is not possible to delete the Base Policy.

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