Installation Process - Silent

Downloading the Windows Installation Package

This will provide the different dope.endpoint installation packages available for download.

Select the Windows Download option.

The ZIP file will be called dope_security_windows_<build number>.zip.

The ZIP file will contain the following three files:

  • dope_security_<build number>.exe — The dope.endpoint installer.

  • — The Root CA, required for SSL inspection.

  • agent_parameters.json — Tenant specific data required for the installation process.

All three files must be in the same directory or the installation will FAIL

To install the dope.endpoint go to a command line prompt and enter the following command:

dope_security_<build number>.exe -silent

When the dope.endpoint has been successfully installed, and endpoint authentication has been enabled (see: Users), one of these dialogs will be displayed prompting the user to login via either their Google or Office 365 corporate emails.

Log in with the appropriate corporate email address.

If enabled, Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) will be required.

Once the user has successfully authenticated, the dope.endpoint will be configured with the dope policy you have assigned them in the dope.console. If you have not assigned them a specific policy, they will be assigned the Base Policy.

Where endpoint authentication has not been enabled (see: Users) the user will not be prompted to authenticate and will get the Base Policy.

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