Once setup is complete, CASB Neural will immediately start scanning your tenant.

Depending on your company, this can take hours (thousands of files) to days (millions of files) to complete. But, we will start to show you results as soon as we have them!

File Count

At the top, you'll see two file counts:

  • Total Number of Files

  • Total Number of Publicly Accessible Files

Publicly accessible files can be accessed by anyone on the Internet without any authentication. Once you have the link, which could be guessed or found by any user, it can be used forever. They're a big risk to your company.

CASB Neural will automatically monitor your Microsoft 365 / Google tenant, and these numbers will update to reflect what's up-to-date.

Data Graph

The CASB DLP graph shows the classification results of your public files.

The graph shows the breakdown of files that have been classified as IP (Intellectual Property), PHI (Protected Health Information), PCI (Payment Card Industry), PII (Personally Identifiable Information), or Other Public Files (Public files with no sensitive information found).

Clicking on any classification result will bring you to the CASB table filtered to this classification type.

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