Adding Policy Exceptions

To add an exception to a parent category or subcategory select the category and go to the right hand panel. Here select the + button.

To add Policy exceptions, you need to have previously imported all users and group data.

This will allow you to enter in a user or group from your imported users and groups. Once you start typing in the text box provided the console will provide suggested users and groups from the previously imported data.

Once you have selected the user or group for whom you wish to create the exception you can then select the restriction level you wish to apply for this user to the select category. Again this is done by simply clicking on the icon and toggling through the restriction levels.

The final step to complete the creation of the category exception is to save the policy. This is done by selecting the save button in the bottom right panel in the console.

The Base Policy is now updated, on receipt of the updated policy the dope.endpoint will apply this exception for the configured user or group.

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