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dope.swg is all about making things easier for you. It comes with block and warning restriction pages ready to go - but you can personalise the pages by creating custom block or warning pages for your organization.

When a user goes to a web category that has a restriction level of either block or warning, dope.swg will serve an appropriate block or warning page to the user.

dope.swg provides default block and warning pages that can be assigned to any category, super or sub category, with restriction levels of block, warning, and cloud applications.

You can create customised block or warning pages that can be assigned to categories of block, warning, and cloud applications.

Default Pages

To make changes to the text displayed in the default block and warning pages, go to Setting -> Block Pages.

Here, there is a table listing the four different types of default pages: Block, Warning, Security Risk, and Cloud Application.

Security Risk is a type of block page it can be used with the Block Restriction Level

Edit Block Page Text

To edit the text on a default block page, in the table select the page type you want to edit (Block, Warning, Security Risk, or Cloud Application). This will provide you with an area to edit the Page Title and the Body Message of the select page.

Edit or add the new text you require to the Page Title or the Body Message.

To review your updates, just select Preview Page and the page will open in a new tab for you to review.

If you are happy with your page updates, you need to save your changes.

You can revert to the default page and choose not to save any updates by simply selecting the Revert button.

Custom Block Pages

While there are default block pages provided it is also possible to create customized block pages. A customized page can be created using HTML.

To create a custom page select the custom tab from the block pages table. This will open the following view:

It is possible to create a custom page from the Default block page

This will allow you to enter a name for the custom page in the text field provided.

Once you enter the name of the page and then hit enter or tab, an area to create the custom page will open on the right-hand side view.

Next, select what type of page it is going to be — Block, Warning, Security Risk, or Cloud Application. This is done from the drop-down at the top:

There is also a text area where you can paste in HTML code. Once you have pasted the HTML code into the text area you can view the page by selecting the Preview Page button.

If you are happy with how the custom page looks, save it by selecting the Save button at the bottom of the text area.

You can then create as many custom pages as you need.

Once complete, you will need to save the entire custom page configuration.

You can choose not to save any updates by simply selecting the Revert button.

For information on how to assign block pages to categories see Assigning a Block Page

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