Create a dope.swg Account

Choose to Login using Google or O365

After accessing, simply select either Google or O365, depending on the corporate email you wish to use.

Then authenticate using your corporate email and password.

If you have Two-Factor Authentication enabled, that’s not a problem. Enter your Two-Factor Authentication code before signing in with Google or O365.

The email you enter must be a corporate Google or O365 address. Entering a gmail or outlook account will not work.

Choose where your data is stored

Your data security is our biggest concern. What data do we store?

Transaction records, used for analytics, are uploaded only to the region a customer chooses. dope.swg offers six locations worldwide to store your data. You’re in control — you choose where. The data is automatically deleted (time-to-live) with a maximum of 30 days (typically less).

Customers can choose one of the of the following locations:

What other data do we store?

We collect customer user information (device name, username/email, user groups, IP addresses) for administrators to configure policy and monitor endpoints. This is stored in an Active-Active multi-region global database to support failover, disaster recovery, and performance.

Unlike other SWG products the dope.endpoint enforces policy and inspects all content with an on-device proxy — including SSL decryption. The output is analytics/reporting data records that include the user, URL, timestamp, size, and policy result. Customer web traffic never transits our cloud, it remains in the safezone of your endpoint.

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