Overview dashboard

When you’re flying first class, you want to know you’re safe and secure on your journey so you can relax. dope.swg has you covered, with a simple and easy dashboard so you can keep on top of all your company’s security and analytics in one place. No fuss, no problem.

When you open the dope.swg portal, you’ll arrive at the dope.swg dashboard.

The dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of how dope.swg is working across your organization, so you can see any security issues or threats which exist.

The world map shows the geographic location of each dope endpoint across your organization, each location represented with a colored dot.

The dots will vary in size:

  • The smallest dot displays where 1 to 5 endpoints are running in this location.

  • The middle-sized dot displays where 5 to 15 endpoints are running in this location.

  • The large dot displays where more than 15 endpoints are running in this location.

You can zoom in to an area on the map or click on a dot to find out more information about what’s going on at each location.

When the user clicks on any colored dot, they will be shown the following details:

  • Total number of devices using the system

  • Total volume of data transferred (Uploaded+Downloaded)

  • Total number of transactions

  • Total policy violations

  • All endpoints in Error

  • All endpoints in Fallback

The information will appear like below on clicking on the dot.

Analytics Summary

Sitting comfortably? Alright. At the bottom of the dope.swg analytics overview dashboard, you’ll see this information for the last seven days.

So let’s take a closer look at the details here...

Policy Violations At the bottom left of your dope.swg homepage dashboard, you can see real-time information on the total number of policy violations within your organization over the last seven days. This is updated every 10 seconds.

Violation Detail (Top Blocked Category) This displays the dope category that has generated the most blocks in your organization over the last seven days.

Productivity (Category Most Viewed) This displays the most viewed dope category across your organization over the last seven days.

Shadow IT (Most used cloud app) This displays the most used cloud app across your organization over the last seven days.

Each of these sections is clickable — that click will bring you to the associated analytics view.

Searching the overview dashboard will bring you to the Detail view filtered to show the violation data that matches your search.

When you place your cursor in the search bar in the overview dashboard, you will see some suggestions for the other analytics views that exist i.e. Overview, Policy, Productivity, Shadow IT, Detail.

Search for User, Group or Location

When you start entering text into the search bar, dope.swg will suggest users, groups or locations that match the text you are entering. You can then search policy violation for a specific user, group or location.

You do not have to select a valid user, group, or location to search the detail view from the overview dashboard. You can simply enter text and the console will search for policy violations for users, groups, or locations starting with the text you have entered.

On selecting enter you will be brought to the Detail view which will be filtered with policy violations that match your search. Detail View

You need to have imported users and groups’ data into the console to search for groups or locations.

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