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Setting up

On initial sign up to the dope.swg product the first admin will be brought to the Settings -> General -> Account Settings page.
Account Settings Page
It's from this screen that you—or your organization’s first administrator—can invite other users to be dope.swg console admins.

Inviting Admins

To invite another user the admin simply needs to select the plus button
In the right-hand panel, select the role you want the user to have, either Administrator or Read Only. For more information on Read Only Users see read-only-admins.
Enter the new admin’s email address in the text box provided and hit your enter key or select the arrow icon. This will send an invite email to the new admin.
The newly invited admin will appear in the administrator table.

The administrator table shows the following data:

  • Name: Administrator Name
  • Email: Administrator Email Address
  • Role: The console displays their role as Administrator or Viewer (Read Only)
  • Last Active: The last time and date this admin logged into the console
Until an admin accepts an invite, the name column will state ‘Invited.’

Removing Admins

You can remove admins from the dope.console.
To remove an admin, select the admin you want to remove in the administrator table by clicking on the 3 dot menu. The right-side panel will open, allowing you to select the delete button.
It is not possible for an admin to remove themselves.

Read Only Users

Here's a table showing what a Read Only User can do within the dope.console:
Read Only Users
User Management
Create Users
Delete Users
Change User Roles
View Admins
Search Analytics Data
View Analytics Data
View Policies
Create Policy
Delete Policy
View Entire Policy Configuration
Change Restriction Level (Switch between Allow, Block and Warning)
Add Exception
Change Block/Warning Page
Add Custom Categories
Add Exceptions to Custom Categories
Assign Users to a Policy
Add to the URL Bypass List
Add to the Application Bypass List
Configure Cloud App Controls
Policy Tester
View Endpoints
Search Endpoints
Filter Endpoints
Enable Debug
Disable Endpoint
Policy Tester
Block Pages
View Block Pages
Edit Default Page text
Add Custom Block/Warning Pages
View Endpoint Configuration
Refresh Anti Uninstall Password
Copy Anti Uninstall Password
Edit Fail Closed Parameter
Audit Log
View Log Details
Search Log
Add S3 Bucket Location
View Billing Details