Assigning a Block Page

Do you want to set a block page or security risk page if your users try to access certain categories?

You can assign a block page or security risk page, to any DOPE or Custom Category, with restriction level of “Block.”

This can be done at either parent or subcategory level by selecting the dropdown in the right panel of the console. If you assign a block page at the parent category level, all subcategories are assigned the same block page.

The drop down shows a list of all the default and custom block and security risk pages. If the Default Block page has been assigned to a category, this is what is displayed to the user if they try to access this category.

You can also customize a block page to brand it to your own organization.

For information on default and custom pages go to Block Pages.

The same rules apply for categories with a restriction level of “Warning” — the drop down will only show you the default or custom warning pages.

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