Installation Process

Downloading the Windows Installation Package

This will provide the different dope.endpoint installation packages available for download.

Select the Windows Download option.

The ZIP file will be called dope_security_windows_<build number>.zip.

Extract the ZIP file, it will contain the following three files:

  • <build number>.exe — The dope.endpoint installer.

  • — The Root CA, required for SSL inspection.

  • agent_parameters.json — Tenant specific data required for the installation process.

All three files must be in the same directory or the installation will FAIL

To install the dope.endpoint, double click on the EXE file. This will launch the following Installer UI.

Before installation can start the End User License Agreement (EULA) needs to be accepted. Once this has been accepted, select the install option to start the installation process.

MS Windows will also prompt to accept installing the dope.endpoint on the Windows machine.

On selection of Yes the installation process will continue. Once it is complete the following dialog will be displayed.

When the dope.endpoint has been successfully installed, and endpoint authentication has been enabled (See Users), the following Windows notification will appear.

Once you select Sign-In you will be prompted to log in via your Microsoft 365 / Google corporate email.

If enabled, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be required.

Once the user has successfully authenticated they will be displayed the following page.

This page can then be closed and the user can continue browsing. The dope.endpoint will be configured with the dope policy you have assigned them in the dope.console. If you have not assigned them a specific policy, they will automatically be assigned the Base Policy.

Where endpoint authentication has not been enabled (see: Users) the user will not be prompted to authenticate and will get the Base Policy.

Unauthenticated Users

Where a user has not successfully authenticated and they attempt to access the internet they will get the following screen, selecting continue here will bring them to the M365 or Google Login Screen.

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