Changing the Rules...

Introducing the fastest, safest, and most reliable internet secure web gateway for your company. With dope.swg, internet security checks are performed at your machine, bypassing datacenters which results in faster, safer, and more reliable performance.
The typical use-case is to prevent access to harmful websites and programs by blocking them in a company-defined policy. However, with legacy SWGs this means sending your information to a third-party datacenter before you visit a website, creating a degraded internet experience.
When you install dope.swg, there is no waiting — the controls take place on your machine. There are no stopovers datacenters. It’s fully customizable: you decide where users can go with integrated anti-malware, cloud app controls, and user-based policies.

No stopovers, no waiting. It’s a first-class direct flight every time.

What makes dope.swg better than legacy SWGs?

Like taking a flight, using the internet should be a relaxed experience. Wait times, stopovers, and check-ins are all headaches you don’t need. Using lets you fly direct to your destination — in first-class.

It’s Faster

Legacy SWGs
Slowed down by datacenter congestion, data outages, or proxy-restrictions, meaning a slower experience for users.
No stopover datacenters, no datacenter outages. Up to 4x faster performance.

It’s Secure

Legacy SWGs
Data faces serious security risks. Data can be transferred to other countries or jurisdictions without you knowing.
No data compromise. No security risk.
Decrypt your sensitive data in the cloud at a datacenter. Data safety could be compromised.
SSL decryption takes place on your device.

It’s Reliable

Legacy SWGs
Must negotiate datacenter queues, outages, and proxy-restrictions
No stopovers. Worldwide internet connectivity on multiple devices, all the time.
Supports HTTP2 for faster connectivity. Streamlined to work flawlessly on Windows and Mac.
No support delays or waiting for upgrades. Out-of-the-box support for Apple M1 Silicon.

It’s Simple

Legacy SWGs
Legacy SWGs use cloud proxies to manage traffic, from multiple customers, which takes time. This can mean poor performance and reliability issues.
Gives you full control of what users can access.
A fully customizable out-of-the-box base policy speeds up your policy creation.
Single sign-on: easy email authentication for your network using Google or Office 365. Instant SSO reuses your email corporate login. This gives you one-click 2FA and deprovisioning without the hassle.
On-board analytics mean you can see how your users are accessing the internet.

Are you ready to fly direct?